The Portland Parks Foundation and a steering committee of BIPOC arts and social justice leaders worked for months to create Paseo, a 2-day August community gathering of artists to support 13 mutual aid groups helping our community. Over 40 sponsors joined us in this unprecedented effort to bring bold new creative life to downtown and celebrate PPF's 20th anniversary.Then came the Delta Variant’s surge.

Plan B: Reinventing Paseo! The artists want to perform. The mutual aid groups still deserve our help. We still wanted to celebrate 20 years of helping people help parks. So we created a video showcase of 21 extraordinary, culturally diverse Portland artists and the Paseo Mutual Aid Challenge!

Closed caption videos available here

Let’s take a walk together





and many more ...

With Paseo, PPF celebrates its 20th anniversary and the reboot of our mission.

  • The Portland Parks Foundation mobilizes support to improve Portland’s system of parks, natural areas, and public spaces. 

  • We believe in the power of these places to strengthen communities, address historic inequities, and create a sense of belonging for everyone in Portland. 

  • We seek transformational change by listening to communities and rally resources and opportunities to help realize their vision. 

  • We collaborate with individuals, community groups, organizations, and institutions to develop long-term, sustainable improvements to the livability and beauty of our city. 

  • We work to create the broadest possible access to recreation, creativity, education, and play in our parks and open spaces. 

  • We help people help parks 

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